New Virus Causing Tensions Among Health Experts

New Virus Causing Tensions Among Health ExpertsIt has been reported that a new virus, belonging to the SARS family, have affected two people. One of the patients have succumbed to death while the other is going through a treatment in London. Not much is known about the new virus yet. However, researchers of the UK are closely studying the virus.

Recently, researchers have unlocked the genomes of the virus that has helped them in concluding that the new virus has similarity to the SARS virus which caused havoc in China by killing many lives. The researchers have already warned World Health Organization about the possible threat of the virus over the whole world's population.

The researchers have credited deep sequencing for helping them in helping researchers in the process sequences the genomes of the virus. Ralph Baric from North Carolina University said, "There's tremendous expertise and capabilities for identifying and tracking new viruses. This is a huge public health advantage and it's been put in place [since the SARS epidemic] to protect the global health".

It is hoped that the findings of the researchers will help in saving many innocent lives from the clutches of deadly viruses like SARS.