Application to Diagnose Thyroid

Application to Diagnose ThyroidAs per a research, which has been presented at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association (ATA) being held in Canada, has revealed that an application as well as an iPhone has been developed as well as treat hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Research was being taken out by a group of researchers from the University of Utah. Lead researcher Randy Polson was of the view that the application being developed by them is capable of taking picture of thyroid hormone known as TSH.

Experts were of the view that there are two types of thyroid. One is in which, one keep in putting weight and other type is the one in which one loses weight to an extreme extent. It is said that deficiency of iodine in the body causes thyroid.

If to talk about symptoms of the disease then it can range from fluctuations in fever to cold. Not only this, tiredness and change in skin type, constant constipation and weight are some other symptoms.

One of the common ways to diagnose the problem is TSH immunochromatographic assays. It shall be noted that it results remain fluctuating, which makes it not much reliable among experts. It seems that the new development will prove an effective way to treat the problem.