Nokia to Take Help of Oracle for Map Application

Nokia to Take Help of Oracle for Map ApplicationIt has been reported that Oracle and Nokia have signed a deal that will soon be announced by the OracleWorld in San Francisco. Through the deal, the Oracle will allow Nokia to throw greater level of competition to its rival Apple.

Under the deal, Oracle will help Nokia in getting Map application. The details about the deal have been published in the renowned pages of Wall Street Journal. Besides, a spokesperson of the Nokia has also confirmed the deal.

In the Smartphone market, the Nokia is performing quite poorly. However, its maps are still catchy as they had been before. By joining hands with Oracle, Nokia will maximize its profits in map applications. These days, the customers are seeking applications that are location-based. This could be the reason behind Apple creating its own map application by drifting away from Google.

Now Nokia is all set to get its own map application and to maximize its business. It is hopeful that the map application of Nokia will attract customers to buy its Smartphone. Nokia is already in news for its deal with Microsoft, Amazon, Groupon and Yahoo. However, its deal with Oracle is yet to be officially announced.