NHS Fife denies infertility treatments to smokers and overweight

NHS Fife denies infertility treatments to smokers and overweight Couples in Fife seeking fertility treatment will no longer be able to avail the NHS services if either of the husband and wife is a smoker, or if the woman is overweight, the NHS board has cdeclared.

Dr. Brian Montgomery, medical director of NHS Fife, announced the new rules. Brian said patients would receive up to two treatment cycles, but both partners must be non-smokers and the BMI (body mass index) of the female must not be more than 30kg/m².

The stricter rules have been announced a few days after the Government of Scotland promised to £12 million investment in programs to slashed waiting time for infertility treatments over the next three years.

Dr. Montgomery justified the new rules saying, smoking or exposure to secondary smoke made treatments unsuccessful, and added that smoking carried the risks for both the mother and unborn child.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Montgomery added, "If a woman smokes or is exposed to secondary smoke there is an increased likelihood that IVF treatment may be unsuccessful."

NHS Fife is not the first board to have made non-smoking a requirement for infertility treatments. NHS Borders and NHS Forth Valley already have such requirements.

The new, stricter rules have taken effect from 1st of October.