Horse in Cornwall Catches Swamp Fever

Horse in Cornwall Catches Swamp FeverThe Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has discovered a horse in Cornwall positive for swamp fever, a highly contagious and fatal disease, according to a recent report.

Though, the other 20 horses at the same stable yard have not been detected as infected. They all have been put under quarantine and are being tested for the illness. The aim of health experts is to ensure safety and prevent the disease from spreading further.

The infected horse has been decided to be put down. It has been told that the horse is the first case of swamp fever for this year in the UK. Though, a few cases have only been recorded in the past three decades. The fever is a common name for equine infectious anaemia (EIA), which is a viral disease.

As per the findings, the illness initially affects a horse's immune system and later can be transmitted via blood exchange when insects like midges and flies are bitten by the affected horse. Not only it is highly risky for pregnant mares, which sometimes need to abort as a result, but also for horses, who end up dying at times.

Defra says, "All the necessary precautions were put in place as soon as we became aware of the animal's illness".