Beta Blockers Not Helpful For Heart Patients: Study

Beta Blockers Not Helpful For Heart Patients: StudyBeta blockers are being prescribed as a standard heart medication to patients with heart disease since decades. But, a panel of researchers has been claiming that beta-blocker pills provide no advantage to heart patients.

The study has been published in the Journal of American Medical Association, which says that patients' risks of strokes and heart attacks are not cut by the pills. Analyzing some 45,000 patients of coronary artery disease in the Reduction of Atherothrombosis for Continued Health (REACH) registry, the team says that there was no or little difference in the effects than the ones who did not take the medication.

The pills block brain adrenalin receptors, which become active when the body is stressed out. For anxiety and high blood pressure patients also, these are recommended. But, doctors are now happy that these blockers are in question.

Dr. Melvin Rubenfire prescribes the medication to his patients at the University of Michigan and is satisfied with the research as well. But, he says that only specific patients receive the same from him. Thus, he would not stop his practice of giving the drug.

"This is a very compelling study that has the potential to shake up the conventional wisdom that exists regarding the role of beta blockers in the management of patients", said cardiovascular specialist Dr. Randal Thomas.