Wards Reopen at Tauranga Hospital but Visitors Advised Precaution

Wards Reopen at Tauranga Hospital but Visitors Advised PrecautionFinally the wards at Tauranga hospital have been opened after their closure due to the fears of the outbreak of Norovirus in the facility.

The confirmations have come from the hospital officials, who said that all the wards at the facility have been opened except for the one ward, which still remains closed at Tauranga Hospital and is expected to be open soon after it is cleared of Norovirus, the highly contagious viral gastroenteritis bug.

Moreover, the situation seems to improve among its patients too, following the statements of Tauranga Hospital Coordinator Ms. Julie Williams, who said that on Monday the hospital had six active cases of norovirus but till Wednesday, there was only one definite case and one possible case reported in the facility.

Concerns of the medical experts went higher when nine hospital staff suddenly reported having diarrhoea and vomiting at the weekend. It wasn't clear that from where they all contracted the virus, which made it important for the hospital staff and officials to take all the possible measures to avoid the further spread of Norovirus.

People visiting Tauranga Hospital are advised to wash their hands thoroughly especially after going to the toilet to save them from the bug and its harmful effects.