Findings Link Moderate Drinking to Abnormal Heart Rhythm especially in Heart Patients

Findings Link Moderate Drinking to Abnormal Heart Rhythm especially in Heart PatientsHeart patients who drink moderately are too at slightly increased risks of suffering from a common heart rhythm problem, says a new study.

Following so many earlier studies linking the habit of moderate drinking to the heart arrhythmia problem known as atrial fibrillation (AF), the recent study has also shown similar facts but researchers are still trying to clear if the habit, itself, is the problem or there are some other triggering factors behind same.

Since long, doctors have been suggesting people to avoid drinking habit to avoid any episode of AF, which means the heart's upper chambers quiver chaotically instead of contracting normally. General guidelines also allow having only one or two drinks in a day, which is thought protective against coronary heart diseases.

But the recent findings of the study have suggested that people, who are already suffering from a type of heart problem, can face more AF episodes even if they drink moderately.

The above study has been reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal recently. It has reflected about more than 30,000 older adults (participants in the study), who either had clogged arteries, a history of stroke or diabetes complications such as kidney disease.

After running the study for five years, experts noticed that AF rate developed at about 1.7 percent each year for moderate drinkers and for heavy drinkers, it was 2.1 percent.