New Zealand Poses Dangerous Driving in Night due to Poor Lighting

New Zealand Poses Dangerous Driving in Night due to Poor LightingHighlighting the dangers of driving on roads of New Zealand in night times, a report has been released today. Poor road lighting and its impact has been highlighted in it.

It says that in comparison to other countries, New Zealand is one country, where street light provision is so bad that driving at night here is three times more dangerous than others. It is not at all sufficient and the quality is also very low. These two are the major causes of increasing road injuries and fatality statistics here.

The report also mentions, "The risk of death and injury from driving at night in New Zealand is 5.8 times greater than during daytime in contrast to international experience, which shows it is only twice the risk".

The amount and quality of light that is available on the roads of UK, Europe and the US, only 75% of it is there on the highways of New Zealand. And as far as the residential streets are concerned, only a quarter of lighting level is seen here.

By presenting this report to the Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference 2012, Godfrey Bridger from Bridger, Beavis and Associates Ltd and Bryan King from Lighting Management Consultants Ltd, hope to see an immediate improvement in the same.