Doctors’ Pay Hike May Affect Services for Patients

Doctors’ Pay Hike May Affect Services for PatientsEvery passing day, cuts are being levied on the NHS services, which affect the care of patients. However, there is one sector, which is unaffected by the ongoing financial crisis and that sector is of doctors.

It has been revealed that there are not cuts on the pay rises being given to doctors. Moreover, the pay rise percentage being given to doctors is more than the current inflation rate.

NHS Employers, governing body that deals financial matters with the unions, unveiled that doctors have got 6% to 8% jump since 2010. The hike is more than the ongoing inflation rate, which is 2.5%.

Strangest part of the story is that pay hikes and that also of such level has given to doctors irrespective of the fact that pay has been freeze for the public sector. Experts were of the view that if pattern persist the same then there are probable chances that patients will have to suffer.

It is so because the rate of increase in the pay will then have to be extracted from front line. This factor will surely hamper the services being provided to patients. "If we do increase pay... it will mean less investment for patient services and a greater risk of NHS job losses", intimated NHS Employers.