UAE nationals to get jobs via new committee

UAE nationals to get jobs via new committeeA senior official has informed that Abu Dhabi's private sector will be open for job opportunities for UAE nationals via a fresh committee, which will be set up soon.

Dr Munib Kathem, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) told, in order to make sure that the graduates meet the needs of the labour market, both public and private; the panel would coordinate with education officials.

Speaking at the Emiratisation Employers Forum 2010 in Abu Dhabi, Kathem told, "The committee will specialize in searching for job opportunities for UAE nationals and training them for the job market, especially in the private sector."

Presently, Abu Dhabi's oil sector is leading the way in emiratisation, with UAE nationals consisting of 18 percent of its staff, whereas the travel and tourism sector has an emiritisation rate of only one percent.

Abdullah Al Darmaki, general manager of ADTC, expressed, "Abu Dhabi is rich with job opportunities and we aim to create suitable opportunities for UAE nationals."

ADTC's database shows 80% of the UAE national workforce in Abu Dhabi are employed by the government sector, with the private sector making up the rest.

Abu Dhabi's unemployment rate is 10% however over the next few years the government plans to decrease it to below five percent.