AstraZeneca to Get Rights of Ardelyx' NHE3 Inhibitor Programme

AstraZenecaAstraZeneca, a British- Sweden multinational and pharmaceutical and biology company, has announced about its new deal. AstraZeneca’s new boss Pascal Soriot said that they will be spending $272m to have the right of a drug meant for the treatment of kidneys.

It seems that the company has taken the decision after a series of long discussions. There was a need of such decision, as for a long time, the company was not able to get patent of its renal medicines. Moreover, the company’s clinical trials have also not been working, but this time there is a hope.

Providing further information on the same, Soriot affirmed that the company has been able to have a drug being developed by Ardelyx. The deal is not cost effective, as they will be spending a whopping amount of $270 million to have the drug.

The drug is Ardelyx' NHE3 inhibitor programme, which is said to be quite effective. Mike Raab, who is the chief executive of Ardelyx, was of the view about the drug, "Is our first clinical example of how our technology can be used to develop non-absorbed, small molecule therapeutics. We are delighted that AstraZeneca recognizes the potential of this compound".