Autism Roots Bolting Habit in Children, Researchers

Autism Roots Bolting Habit in Children, ResearchersThe largest online autism research initiative taken out in the US by the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) researchers has claimed that autistic children are highly probable to escape their homes' safety as compared to their counterparts, who are healthy and unaffected.

Published recently in the journal Paediatrics, the study has found that the children of autism do the same so as to fulfill their own interests. It has represented a community-based sample of around 1,200 autistic children or more and is the first of its kind.

Autism is a condition, a disorder, which affects a child's normal development of brain and appears in the first three years of his life. It has been found that one suffers social and communication skills as well.

And this time the report reveals that more severe symptoms of the condition may simply mean more possibilities of bolting by a child. More than half of all autistic children did so, mostly at the age of four, while some went missing for a longer duration and caused concern.

"We tend to hear about the most traumatic stories on the news. It's just the tip of the iceberg of what parents are experiencing with this issue", the Kennedy Krieger Institute's director of medical informatics Dr. Paul Law stated.