Dubai Establishes its First FDG Manufacturing Plant

Dubai-Health-AuthorityCancer management in the UAE and the nearby regions has launched a high-tech facility, first of its kind, in Dubai that will manufacture a particular type of radioactive substance.

Authority announced that the private factory will produce FDG, or Flurodeoxglucose, the radioactive glucose that is vital not only for the detection of cancers but also for the stages that the cancer is in.

"Previously we needed to import this injection from countries like Holland, but the short shelf life of the product was always a challenge", said Qadhi Saeed Al Murooshid, director general of Dubai Health Authority.

The technology has enabled the country to manufacture the injection on its own and will be an hour away from many major hospitals that require this drug for various oncological, cardiovascular and neurological conditions, claimed Al Murooshid.

The latest PET/CT scanning technology, the newest molecular imaging service used for early cancer diagnosis, operates only when a dose of FDG is injected into the patients undertaking the scan.

The development of the Dubai plant is expected to take the modality of treatment and delivery of care to cancer patients to a superior level that will reflect a higher cure rate, and a longer life with better quality of life.