Overseas Lobbyists Criticize Proposed Plain-Packaging Rule

Overseas Lobbyists Criticize Proposed Plain-Packaging RuleThe Heath Ministry, amid concerns related to smoking rates and harms it causes, had proposed the introduction of plain packaging. But, a recent report uncovers that global big business lobbyists are strictly against the same.

Tobacco starts deteriorating one's health and gradually, increasing its adverse impacts, kills the person. Varies efforts have been made to bring smoking rates to a significant low. Bans had been announced on smoking at public places and graphic-warning labels were introduced.

The same have even helped in cutting the rates. But, the tobacco industry has somehow faced a loss. And while it accepted the rules previously, the plain packaging scheme this time is making overseas lobbyists aid the New Zealand tobacco industry.

As per the findings, submissions on the proposal are to close on Friday now. Since, it is being stated by the Texas Institute for Policy Innovation that this plan would violate the rules of World Trade Organization. The International Chamber of Commerce supported the group by saying the intellectual property of tobacco companies would be sullied too.

The institute added, "The proposed plain packaging regulation suggests that New Zealand does not trust companies and consumers to freely exchange information within a legal marketplace".