New Vaccine on Trial for Cure of Coeliac Disease

New Vaccine on Trial for Cure of Coeliac DiseaseChristchurch, the largest city in New Zealand, is holding clinical trials to test an experimental jab, which might prove effective in treating coeliac disease for the first time in the world, according to revelations by a new report.

Coeliac disease leaves a person helpless not to eat anything containing a protein named gluten. Since, the protein is present in almost all common foods like barley, rice and wheat, the life of patients of the disease becomes more like hell.

Even delicacies like sausages, biscuits, beer and pasta carry the protein. Therefore, the new vaccine is being trialed with the hope of success on the way. Likely, the jab has the potential to halt a body from reacting to the protein present in different breads.

The hopes are higher since a first trial of the vaccine has hinted that patients of coeliac disease can enjoy a normal diet, sooner or later. "We're keeping our members in the loop. It's a well-funded study that looks promising but it is only early days and there is a long way to go yet", said Sue Clay, Coeliac New Zealand development manager. He believes that lives would be completely changed if trials are a success.