Chocolate linked to Nobel Prize Numbers?

Chocolate linked to Nobel Prize Numbers?A recent study published in one of the world's most prestigious medical journals has announced that the country that will report higher chocolate consumption will have more Nobel laureates.

No matter, what is being preferred, almonds or hazelnuts, it is must to eat chocolates, says a study that has recently tied more of chocolate consumption to the higher number of Nobel Prize winners that the country had.

Experts have supported their findings that the sweets can boost brain power and so the concluded facts can have some weight. Since the findings have been submitted in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine online on Wednesday, one cannot do not mistake to take it as a joke.

The author f the study is Dr. Franz Messerli, of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and Columbia University in New York. He has written in the issue about the evidences that they found, which are perfectly supporting the flavanols present in green tea, red wine and chocolate for slowing down or reversing age-related mental decline.

In his study, he examined if a country's per-capita chocolate consumption has any relation to the number of Nobels it had won, for which, he started using data from some major chocolate producers on sales in 23 countries.

He found that Switzerland is leading in both in chocolate consumption as well as Nobels followed by the United States in the middle with the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Belgium and Germany.