Roche and Lilly Drugs Selected for Alzheimer's Prevention Trial Next Year

Roche and Lilly Drugs Selected for Alzheimer's Prevention Trial Next YearAll is set to experiment Roche and Lilly drugs for Alzheimer's prevention trial and so have the hopes gone higher to soon confirm if there would exist any possible prevention measures to stop the development of the concerned disease or no.

Yes, experts have finally selected the Alzheimer's drugs from Roche Holding AG and Eli Lilly & Co for the high-profile clinical trial that will run soon to test if there are any possibilities to prevent the brain-wasting disease Alzheimer's from developing in at-risk patients or no.

According to sources, the trial can start early next year. Researchers have planned to enroll 160 patients from around the world in their study, who are inherited with the gene mutations that start causing Alzheimer's symptoms in the affected ones when they are as young as in their 30s.

The above confirmations have come from Washington University in St. Louis on Wednesday in its announcements about the drugs' selection.

So far many previous experiments have been run in the past decade with the similar aim but unfortunately all the drug studies have failed to slow progression of Alzheimer's among patients who already have dementia.

"We're going in with three different drugs, with three different mechanisms of action, to find out which works best," said Dr. Randall Bateman, a neurologist at the Washington University School of Medicine who will lead the trial.