Liquid Nitrogen Not Safe for Consumption, says BCGA Chief

Liquid Nitrogen Not Safe for Consumption, says BCGA ChiefSince the incident of Gaby Scanlon came in news, Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), has been asking food and beverage industry to be more cautious about their retailing.

Gaby Scanlon, 18, went to a pub with her friends to celebrate her birthday. She had a drink, which involved liquid nitrogen and caused her so much pain in stomach that she was taken to a hospital. Doctors had to take out her stomach, which is known as gastrectomy.

Thornton said he feels sad about the incident, which has happened with Scanlon. This is the reason that he would like to warn the food and drink industry to do not encroach safety of a person. He asserted that liquid nitrogen is not at all recommended, but it has been seen that it is being used in many eatables.

He would like to say that a lot of perfection is needed to handle such molecular mixology. "I am critical of anything or anyone that tries to encourage others to play with gases, with little understanding of the hazards of Cryo temperatures, pressure", he affirmed.

The Food Standards Agency has also been asking people to remain alert about the potential harms that are being caused by such gases.