Charing Court Informs about Improvements Being Doneq

Charing Court Informs about Improvements Being DoneThe Care Quality Commission (CQC) had a surprise visit at Charing Court in Ashford on 12 July. The officials were not happy with the condition of the care home for elderly.

They were of the view that toilets were in poor condition. Moreover, there is no enough staff to take care of elderly in night. The care home has received two warning letters from health inspectors.

Patrick Finn, from Songbird Hearing Ltd, which runs the care home, was of the view that they have taken the warnings seriously and have made all the needed repair work within given timeframe.

He asserted that he started the work of renovation of toilets and bathrooms soon after the inquiry and the work was complete by 25 July. Moreover, it has also been found that the number of staff members for night duty has also been increased.

Information about the improvements being done at the care home has been given to the CQC. Finn affirmed, "We would welcome a visit from yourselves or anyone and you will see all the communal toilets have been redecorated and there are three night staff on duty". Information was being provided on September 5 and the care home expects inquiry soon.