Govt. Offers Additional £20m to NMC

Govt. Offers Additional £20m to NMCFor a long time now, the Nursing and Midwifery Council was facing a number of problems. Financial constraints were one of the problems being faced by the council, which is responsible for the registration of nurses and midwives.

Initially, the council proposed that it will hike its registration fee by 60%, by which it will be able to cover up its costs. If the proposal would have been accepted then the fee would have been increased from £76 a year to £120. The government was not too happy with the proposal and has offered £20m to solve its ongoing problems.

Health Minister Dan Poulter was of the view, "I am mindful that in these times of pay restraint, it is not right that hard-working nurses and midwives are burdened with the full financial cost”.

Moreover, it is the time when the council should be in a great shape to provide quality care to elderly people. On the other hand, the council said that they have not taken any decision on the proposal of the government.

A lot of discussions will be needed and then only they will be able to decide as whether or not they should accept government’s offer.