Teenage Girl Loses Stomach Due to Liquid Nitrogen on Her 18th Birthday

Teenage Girl Loses Stomach Due to Liquid Nitrogen on Her 18th BirthdayEarlier this month, a teenage girl, Gaby Scanlon, fell ill after drinking nitrogen containing liquid cocktail in a bar in Lancaster. She was celebrating her 18th birthday when this disaster affected her life.

Following this incident, the town's MP, Conservative David Morris, has now written to David Cameron, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and the Food Standards Agency (FSA), urging them to ban the sale of all such beverages that contain a proportion of liquid nitrogen.

It has been also mentioned in his letter that very soon parents of Miss Scanlon are looking forward to meet the Prime Minister regarding this matter.

Liquid nitrogen is a chemical that is generally used in drinks to bring the impression of ice smoke. It looks like if smoke is emitting from the drink. It’s been few months only that bars have started using this chemical in cocktails to create the effect of smoke and fizz. But an important thing to remember is that if it is not burnt away fully, it can prove lethal to anyone. And this is what happened in the case of Miss. Scanlon.

She suffered a ruptured stomach due to which doctors had to remove it subsequently.

Such a dangerous chemical is not meant for drinks and booze at all. It should be banned immediately.