Reason behind Unpleasant Sounds

Reason behind Unpleasant SoundsThere are many sounds, which might make you irritated, but the reason for the same was not researched. However, no more, as it has been found that activity in the auditory cortex and the amygdala gets increased, which leads to make one hate from those sounds.

Some of the many sounds that make a person have that irritated feeling are screech of chalk and sound of a knife running on a bottle. Co-author of the study Sukhbinder Kumar from Newcastle University was of the view, "It appears there is something very primitive kicking in. It's a possible distress signal from the amygdala to the auditory cortex".

The study was being taken out by a group of researchers from the University College of London and Newcastle. The researchers were of the view that they carried out an experiment in which they carried out functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) on the brains of volunteers.

After carrying out an experiment on volunteers, it was revealed that bubbling of water was the most pleasant to ears while sound of knife on bottle was the most unpleasant. It has now been revealed that any sound between 2,000 and 5,000 Hz can be categorized under unpleasant sounds.