Lupin Pharmaceuticals Gets Approval for Generic Medicine

LupinLupin Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Lupin, has got green signal from the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to produce generic version of its tablets known as Irbesartan tablets.

The tablets are generic version of Avapro tablets being manufactured by Sanofi Aventis, which now have received permission from the regulators FDA. The tablet is meant for diabetic patients, who take the same for hypertension as well as for nephropathy.

It is expected that the news will have positive effect on the sales of the Lupin, which is already by far the fifth largest generics medicine manufacturer in the US. Experts were of the view that the company has 5.1% stake in the market share.

Not only this, it is said that the company is also one of the top 10 pharmaceuticals in a number of countries, like India, Japan and in other nations.

Lupin is said to be one of the bright players in the market, as it has been trying to produce effective medicines for many chronic health complications. Its continuous efforts to get better have made it to be one of the major players when it comes to asthma, cardiovascular, pediatric and Type-II diabetes. It has also been trying its hand in providing medicine for TB.