Twitter Blocks Messages from German Group

TwitterTwitter has for the first time ever used its power to deny content in any one country, a recent report says, after the social networking site, a leading and growing one, announces ban of messages from a group in Germany.

The plans related to its `Country Withheld Content' function were announced earlier this year. However, the content would still be accessible to all other nations' users.

As per the report, the feature allows the company atleast not permitting one nation to access illegal content. The company had then also affirmed that messages if up in other areas, would help serving freedom of expression, accountability as well as transparency.

The group dubbed Besseres Hannover, which actually means `a better Hanover', has been chosen, since some 20 of its members were last month alleged of establishing a criminal organization. It has been found that local authorities have also banned the same over right-wing extremism.

A spokesman for Twitter claims that the northern German city of Hanover's police itself had requested the company for the blocking of messages for the group. Since, it had found the group had distributed its far-right magazine's copies at schools.

"Never want to withhold content; good to have tools to do it narrowly & transparently", tweeted Twitter's General Counsel Alex MacGillivray.