Newsweek Announces Publishing Transition

Newsweek-DailyNewsweek, which is a magazine brand, recognized internationally in the world, has decided to put its publishing of a print edition to closure soon, a recent report has uncovered. It is a world of free online content, the company says, which does not let it make enough profits.

It is being said the internet age is letting its importance down and survival is probably much difficult. Though, the brand otherwise is around 80 years old. The blog post suggests that it is time to shift to digital publication.

It has been announced by the company itself that the transition would go into a complete the transition by the arrival of 2013. Tablets and mobile phones would all be holding the material by it. Baba Shetty, who is the chief executive, says that a belief that print would bring a great future would be a idiocy as well as poor business sense.

Therefore, the core business remaining the same, the transition is needed in business plan and form. "Well, it sounds like the end of the world, at face value, but hang on. We are transitioning Newsweek, not saying goodbye to it", editor-in-chief of Newsweek Daily Beast Co. Tina Brown affirmed.