Cotswold Maternity Unit Gets Closed Temporarily

nhsThe Oxford University NHS Trust has informed that they have temporarily closed the Cotswold Maternity Unit in Chipping Norton. Concerns were being raised with regard to its working practices. So in order to carry out a detailed investigation, the trust has announced the closure.

Till the time, the authorities concerned do not reach at a conclusion birth deliveries will not be taken at the unit. Ruth Smith, who has delivered her child at the unit, was not happy with the news. She was of the view that the news is quite a shame for the unit.

She also affirmed that the news will surely affect the number of births taking place at the unit, as trust factor is being disturbed. "A friend who had also had two children there put it on Facebook and all of us reacted by saying 'that's a real shame", said Smith.

Authorities concerned were of the view that they have closed the maternity unit, but some other services, like postnatal care, breastfeeding advice and hearing tests for babies, will be provided at the site.

Health officials said that they have already initiated investigation in regard to the matter and they are expecting to reach at a conclusion, soon.