Thames Valley Police Warned again usage of DNP tablets

Thames Valley Police Warned again usage of DNP tabletsA 28 year -old- man has died and its suspected cause of death is said to be a substance known as DNP. The substance is said to be a fat burner and is used by bodybuilders.

After coming across the probable cause of death, police has warned people against the use of such substance. Post-mortem examination has also been carried, but it was being found that the results were inconclusive.

Thames Valley Police has been investigating the case, and were of the view that they have trying to find out the final reason of the death. In the meanwhile, details of the case has been unveiled in which it has been found that the person was being taken to a hospital in High Wycombe, but he was brought dead.

A force spokesman was of the view that there are chances that the person must have taken the substance thinking that it boosts performance. However, in reality it is fat burner. He further affirmed that police has been asking people not to take the DNP tablets until they reach at the conclusion of the investigation.

"Anyone who thinks they may have taken them and wants health advice should contact their local GP or call NHS Direct on 0845 4647", said Police spokesperson.