Google Seeks Settlement of FTC Investigation

Google-FTCGoogle has been seeking to settle a claim of using Motorola patents as weapons against rival mobile makers, which it received by U. S. Federal Trade Commission amid an investigation into the company's use of patents, a report reveals.

The patents had been acquired by Google Inc. in the month of May, following its purchase of Motorola. And the inquest by the FTC had begun in June. As published this Friday in the Wall Street Journal, the inquest group had claimed that Google continued to move forward with its existing lawsuits even after the buyout.

Even anticompetitive litigation about standards-essential FRAND patents was not halted. Further, the investigation also determined that the internet search giant used Motorola's IP address against Apple and Microsoft-like rival mobile device makers.

All this contributes to alleged unfair business practices. However, Google affirms that competitors like Apple with FRAND patents at present have also breached their duties as they filed suit against Motorola as well others.

Also, in case, a settlement is reached, rivals would probably push forward with FRAND claims and it would be left weak. But, lawyers cited many cases proving that Google violated terms of FRAND. "They remind me a lot of Microsoft in the 90s: massively arrogant, having the feeling they have the power to do anything they want", said a Silicon Valley consultant Rob Enderle.