Bay of Plenty man shows Speedy Recovery

Bay of Plenty man shows Speedy RecoveryAn incident that occurred in the house of a Bay of Plenty man led him suffer injuries. Aaron Seymour, 39, was rushed to Tauranga Hospital where he was put in the induced coma for 48 hours.

It has now been found that he has come out of the coma and is recovering very well. In the incident, chip-heater hot-water tank exploded, which broke the windows and destroyed oven and caused severe destructions at home.

It is not known yet as how the incident took place. Doctors have affirmed that Seymour has been recovering well and they are also surprised to see his quick recovery. All they have to do is to bring his pain under control.

"He's doing really well. He's stable and they've just got to get the pain under control. He's not getting much sleep because of the pain", said doctors. Aaron's wife has raised concerns that her husband might have suffered nerve damage in one of his arms.

While revealing more about his condition, Mrs. Seymour said Aaron has suffered four severe burns, but doctors have said that he would need skin grafting for the same. It is expected that he recovers soon, said doctors.