High Intake of Full-Fat Dairy Products Linked With Decreasing Male Fertility

High Intake of Full-Fat Dairy Products Linked With Decreasing Male FertilityA recent Harvard study has linked high quantities of cheese with increasing risk of infertility amongst men. The study proposed that men eating cheese slices in excess, more than three in a day, are less likely to enjoy fatherhood.

The study carried by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, US, took into consideration the diet followed by 189 men between the age 19 and 25. The men were reported to be fit and physically active, carrying out daily exercise regime for at least an hour.

Further, the researchers asked them regarding their intake of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Researchers also assessed the quality of the sperm, including its speed and shape.

Researchers said, "Even small amount of full-fat dairy food can impair fertility in men. Men who eat even three portions of cheese a day had poorer quality sperm compared to others".

Myriam Afeiche, who led the study, asserted that estrogen, a female hormone, which is naturally found in cow's milk, might be the reason behind the decreasing sperm quality. Further, the high use of pesticides, increasing pollutants, could also be included in the list of elements decreasing a man's fertility.

The study has been presented at an annual conference of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, in San Diego.