Dyson Takes On Bosch

Dyson-BoschIn a recent report, it has been claimed by the British engineering group that there has been an employee in their group who shared confidential information with Bosch divisions in the UK and in Germany. It has indeed come as a shocker to Dyson as even after being exposed, Bosch refused to give back the information secretly given to them.

Looking at the matter, they have failed a case against Bosch in the High Court in London. Apparently, Bosch's vice president for engineering is being doubted as the man behind the entire case. "Dyson has confronted Bosch with evidence of wrongdoing but it has refused to return the technology. Nor has it promised not to use the technology for its benefit, forcing Dyson to take legal action", said Dyson, while asserting that Bosch Vice President, Dr Hirschburger was very much acquaint with the employees at Dyson.

Dyson is very much firm over getting the intellectual property. As far as the spy is concerned, it is believed that he worked a special unit for two years, and was responsible for all of Dyson's new ideas and development.

It would be worth seeing how Dyson wins back its intellectual property from Bosch.