Dengue Outbreak in Madeira Concerns HPA

Dengue Outbreak in Madeira Concerns HPAThough it is common for tropical countries such as India and Thailand to contract dengue, Britain also sees hundreds of residents suffering from the same each year. The detection as well as increase in the number of cases in Madeira this year has amazed one and all, a recent report reveals.

Some 456 cases have been realized in the region and as per the findings, 52 cases until now are confirmed. With the same, another Briton has recently been found to have contracted the illness along with two people from France and one who belongs to Sweden.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has issued warnings to voyagers as well. Travelers were asked earlier this month to avoid bites by mosquitoes as much as possible. Since, only the bite by the Aedes mosquito can cause the infection with the dengue virus and it cannot transfer from person to person.

However, symptoms usually include a mild fever, a serious illness or bone pain or a rash. It is being said that the break bone fever may sometimes lead to liver failure or extremely low blood pressure. Therefore, travelers must be aware all the time and get early treatment after returning.

"To minimize the risk of being bitten it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing to cover up and to use insect repellents", said HPA's Dr. Jane Jones.