Brain Cells Decline Even by Moderate Drinking: Study

Brain Cells Decline Even by Moderate Drinking: StudySometimes, it is suggested that one should consume wine, for it in some ways helps in good health. While other times, it is said that excess wine can be hazardous to health. And the studies are correct in their own ways. Now, a new research by researchers from the Rutgers University in the US suggests that even two wine glasses a day can be injurious to health.

It is being said that two glasses, though, come under moderate drinking. The same can cause significant decline in the adult brain cell production. Since, there is always a fear that moderate drinking can anytime take the form of binge drinking without realization.

Rats were used by lead author Megan Anderson and colleagues and a 0.08% blood alcohol level was created in them. The aim was to mimic moderate to heavy drinking in humans. It was found that the level was not enough to hamper the mice's motor skills or learning. But, they surely were reducing nerve cells in the brain hippocampus by some 40%.

Ms. Anderson was quoted as saying, 'In the short term there may not be noticeable motor skills or overall functioning problems, but in the long term this behavior could have an adverse effect on memory'.