Auckland City Hospital Current Target of Norovirus

Auckland City Hospital Current Target of NorovirusAuckland City Hospital has realized a norovirus outbreak on its premises and as a result of the same, three wards have been put to closure for new admissions, a recent report has revealed. Relatives and friends of patients are being asked to maintain a distance from the hospital for some time.

Norovirus is able to spread very easily and one may get his stomach upset with the infection severely. While people usually recover after suffering diarrhea and vomiting for a few days, it is being said that elderly people and children as well as the ones with a weak immune system are at most risks.

It is thus that 33 elderly patients have been kept in isolation along with implementation of infection control measures. Almost 100 staff and patients were affected by the virus last month at Middlemore Hospital as well.

However, now when from time to time, hospital environments face such infection outbreaks, fears are less, still high. Since, patients who have contracted the illness need time to recover and other patients remain at risk in the meanwhile.

"ADHB takes infection control very seriously and we are doing everything possible to care for these patients and to minimise the risk of others becoming infected", Executive Director of nursing Margaret Dotchin was quoted as saying.