Who is Facebook’s Oldest User? Fight is On

FacebookFacebook currently probably has more than 1 billion users monthly, a recent report reveals, being used by elderly, youngsters, children and who not. But, while creating the social networking website, Mark Zuckerberg would never have thought that he would ever see two centenarians fighting over being the oldest user of the site.

As per the findings, Florence Detlor, 101, from California and Maria "Mary" Colunia Segura-Metzgar from New Mexico are into the online brawl. Mr. Detlor was listed as the oldest user of Facebook in August by Zuckerberg. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg had also approved the same.

But, the woman who became 105-year-old this Tuesday possesses her own Facebook page and has 86 friends till now. However, she was removed off as the typical Facebook user, for her age did not allow her to become a member of the site. But, Anthony Segura, her 60-year-old grandson has told that he has signed her up cutting a few years of her age.

Segura said that he has tried to contact Facebook so that the problem could be resolved, but no one did respond. However, he has made her join Facebook only for the title. "We want to let everybody know in the family that she's still alive and kicking", he was quoted as saying.