‘Scary Movies Can Help You Lose Those Extra Calories’

‘Scary Movies Can Help You Lose Those Extra Calories’  People interested in losing weight opt for several methods, including vigorous exercises, dieting, to burn those extra calories. However, this recent study carried out by University of Westminster has a very amazing and horrifying technique to burn calories.

The study suggests that watching a horror movie for one and a half hour is enough to burn 113 calories. A normal individual burns the same amount of calories after a 30-minutes walk.

A list of such scary movies has been mentioned, which includes 'The Shining' grabbing the top most position. The psychological thriller of 1980 has been successful enough in helping people burn an estimated 184 calories.

While `Jaws' marked the second potion with average calories burnt equivalent to 161, 'The Exorcist' was place third with an overall score of 158 calories.

The study took into consideration the energy spent by 10 different participants while watching the horror movies. Researchers measured the participants' heart beat, their oxygen intake and carbon-dioxide released. It was estimated that the on an average there was a rise in the number of calories burnt by one-third during the movies. Dr. Richard Mackenzie stated that an increase in the pulse rate and blood flow generates adrenaline.

He said, "Release of fast acting adrenaline lower the appetite, increase the Basal Metabolic Rate and ultimately burn a higher level of calories".