NHS 111 Telephone Service: A Major Success

NHS 111 Telephone Service: A Major SuccessFindings in a recent survey, encompassing the response of patients for non-emergency NHS 111 telephone service, subjected that more than 90% were either satisfied or very satisfied after using the service.

The telephone service had been introduced for patients, who need assistance for non-life threatening signs. Using the service, patients can make contact throughout the NHS. The services were basically introduced to help lessen burden off the 999 services.

Patients, who required an urgent but not emergency assistance called on this number. Further, those who wished to inquire regarding other services also used the helpline. Moreover, those who were not aware where to ask for help or were not signed up with a GP also used the service.

The service was introduced in August 2010 and is operational in 13 different pilot sites across England and since its launch it has handled more than 1,000,000 calls.

According to the survey carried out by University of Sheffield, "Overall the new service achieved its goal of getting patients to the `right place, first time' and four sites exceeded the national standards for the number of calls answered within 30 seconds".

Health Minister, Lord Howe asserted that although survey highlights success of initial four sites, it is expected that the service also lives up in other areas.