Fake Pictures of the Hurricane Sandy, Research Reveals

Hurricane-SandyIs it ideal to believe what the pictures of Sandy have to say about? There have been few pictures over the internet and television highlighting the danger of Sandy that very soon will be affecting the lives of US people. These seem to be natural and true but do these give a real disaster indication in the upcoming future? Well, the entire scene seems to be fake and evolved just for horror sake.

There is a doomsday-esque picture of the Statue of Liberty being stroked by waves till the waist. According to a research, this picture is residing on the internet since last so many ages. It does not belong to Sandy and is absolutely false.

Then there is a picture of shark swimming around in flood waters. But do these flood waters actually lying in the porch of someone's house. As discovered by the Atlantic, it's again a fake picture.

Similarly, there are many more pictures that are bringing an illusion of a real thunderstorm but then these are not Sandy. These pictures have brought a lot many ancient beliefs too into the limelight. As said by hellfire preacher John McTernan, "God is systematically destroying America with the super storm because there is a gay festival being held in New Orleans".

Could such a happening actually take place? Wake up; its all fake.