Google to Introduce Changes in Gmail

GmailIn order to shorten the lengthy procedure while writing a new mail and referring to old one, Google is introducing new changes in the way a mail is being composed.

Under the new system, the new mails will pop-up in a separate window, so that the user does not face any sort of problem while checking old emails. Such was not the procedure earlier, as a person had to save a mail in draft and then it was possible for him to check previous mails.

Google product manager Phil Sharp was of the view that the previous system was quite lengthy and wasted a lot of time. However, the new changes will surely save time and will be easy for them. In addition, many other changes have been included in the system and that is one can include pictures as well in the mail.

For now, changes have been restricted to few users, but it is being said that the new changes will be introduced shortly. "We're always trying to make Gmail faster and easier to use, so today we're introducing a completely redesigned compose and reply experience that does just that", said Sharp. It is expected that the new changes will be liked by one and all.