Avoid Junk Food To Shove Off Heart Attack Risk

Junk-FoodA recent research has claimed that though junk food does no good to anyone, even a single mean could be a lot riskier as it escalates the risk attached with cardiovascular disease or stroke in later life.

It has been claimed by a team of researchers at the EPIC Centre of Canada's Montreal Heart Institute that in order to shove off the risk of heart attack or stroke, one must consume Mediterranean-style diet, which includes healthy foods like oily fish, fresh vegetables and olive oil.

For the research, the team led by Dr Anil Nigam, director of research at EPIC and associate professor at the university's Faculty of Medicine, tracked down the impact of junk food and a typical Mediterranean meal on arteries on
28 nonsmoking men. It was found that men who ate Mediterrean-style meal, managed to dilate normally, thereby having a good blood flow.

"We believe that a Mediterranean-type diet may be particularly beneficial for individuals with high triglyceride levels, such as patients with metabolic syndrome, precisely because it could help keep arteries healthy", said Dr. Nigam.

There is dire need for people to understand that junk food doesn't provide them with the much needed ingredients of a healthy life.