Simple Viewing Tests Provide 98% Accuracy in Detecting Schizophrenia

Study Links Freshly-Baked Food’s Aroma with KindnessNow a simple eyesight test can help detect whether an individual suffers from schizophrenia or not. This test has been claimed to provide with 98% precise results.

Improper movement of eye was long since believed to be due to schizophrenia. However, this recent Scottish study has emerged with a model, which will helped schizophrenics stand out of the other not suffering from the condition.

Team of researchers at the Aberdeen University used simple eye tests to determine the eye movements of individuals, including both schizophrenics and healthy individuals.

The study led by Dr Philip Benson and Professor David St Clair ,asked the participants to undergo a series of eye tests, which included determining the movement of slow-moving objects, examine several scenes related to daily routine and were asked to maintain a steady observation on an object, which was not moving.

The researchers found that the eye movements of schizophrenics exhibited shortfalls, as a result of which, they were not able to track the slow movement of objects with their eyes. Moreover, these individuals were not able to maintain a stable look.

Dr Benson said, "The findings could speed up detection of the condition and they are now examining whether the tests can be used for earlier intervention in major mental illness".