People Focus on another Person’s Eyes, Says Study

People Focus on another Person’s Eyes, Says StudyPeople focusing on another person's eyes at first sight is natural, a study has highlighted. Published in the journal "Biology Letters", the study, "Monsters are people too", is based on an experiment that included studying behaviours of characters in a role-playing game called `Dungeons & Dragons'.

Researchers at the University of Essex in Colchester, England, had conducted the study in which they found that people only try making eye-contact with any other creature when they encounter one.

The game Dungeons & Dragons comprises monsters that have eyes all over the place, says Julian Levy, who is a ninth grader at Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver, B. C. Though, the role-playing game was not enough to solve a dilemma, Levy was able to get the answer to a scientific question i. e. people focus on another person's eyes or his head's center with the help of the game.

He used 36 photos of Dungeon & Dragon humanoids i. e. nonhumans having eyes, humans and monsters in the study, while his father Alan Kingstone from the University of British Columbia recruited 22 students for the same. Eyelink 1000 or the eye-tracker equipment was set up by Levy for the participants to view the images for five seconds.

It was then concluded that all students at first gazed at the center of the image, then fixing their eyes on the eyes of the characters in the images. "This paper makes the point explicitly that no, these brain areas are really interested in processing the eyes, not the center of the head", Kingstone said.