Americans Blame China for Numerous Reasons

china, united statesU. S. President Barack Obama as well as the presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been using China like a political punching bag through the recent televised debates for presidential campaigning, a recent report has unveiled. It is being said that this is probably the one reason that is problemizing this election season's seven million Hong Kongers.

It has been found that America as well as Hong Kong is blaming China for many things. America comes up with a number of economic woes with the country, while Hong Kong has not been into a good relationship with China.

Washington has since long blamed Beijing for keeping its currency at low. It also says that Beijing has given an advantage to Chinese exporters over their competitors.

However, China does not accept the claims. Also, the state-run Xinhua agency has been warning that this mud-slinging may turn into a trade war worsening the already groaning global economy, if converted into policy.

"There is particular concern about how Obama, or Romney if he's elected, handles the Chinese exchange rate issue because it will have a big impact here", said an associate professor Richard Hu, also a China specialist.

But, Romney also charged China that it has manipulated its currency for a number of years and has taken American jobs.