People Need to be Alert for Flu Vaccine

Department-of-HealthThe Department of Health (DoH) has reported concerning data related to flu vaccinations this year. Although, the flu season is no far as winters have almost approached a majority of regions, it is being said the number of elderly people going for a jab has fallen.

Health experts have told that while in the previous year, the same period had revealed a 54.8% of the older population getting the jab. This year, the figures have plummeted to 48.9% of pensioners, which puts other age-groups at risks as well.

The reason behind the same is that flu is transmissible. Droplets of cough or sneeze can make another person catch the infection, as per the findings.

It is therefore that not only those over 65 years of age, but each person, especially with a weak immune system, like pregnant women or ill people, is being suggested to get a vaccine. It is being said that such people's small carelessness is putting them at risk and is causing some £42 million to the NHS also.

"We should all be on our guard against health problems - by taking simple steps and looking after our older friends and family we can keep warm and well", Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary was quoted as saying.