Instagram Launches Web Profiles

InstagramIt seems the wait is over. Most desperately awaited launch of the app on web has delighted the users as web profiles will be available to one and all latest by next week.

The photo-sharing service is now owned by Facebook. As per the demand of users, the service will be available online now and you can access the photos of your friends that are on Instagram. The new profiles are looks-wise similar to that of facebook profiles.

The web profiles are not available to all the users as of now but by the next weekend, all users will get access to their very own personal profiles on Instagram. However, one won't be able to upload the pictures from web.

Privacy is respected by the web profiles. You can make your own privacy settings to check who can see your pictures. If you have set it open to public, non-Instagram users can also see them then. Now, the mobile-service can be enjoyed from users' desktops and laptops too.

"We're launching Web profiles to give you a simple way to share your photos with more people and to make it easier to discover new users on the Web", wrote Instagram, in its blog.