Study Highlights Upbringing of Children by Lesbian Parents

Study Highlights Upbringing of Children by Lesbian ParentsA recent study has claimed that children belonging to lesbian parents are performing well at school level and in many cases they are happier than their counterparts from heterosexual parents.

The study, which aimed at nullifying the negative thinking related to homosexual parenting, included 78 teenagers, who were from lesbian parents. The participants aged 17 years, out of which 38 were boys and 38 were girls.

The study report put forth by U. S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family asserted that the participants of the study scored GPAs, which ranged between A- and B+, they were friends with many heterosexuals. Most of all, for them, their parents were their idols and role models.

The study titled 'Adolescents with Lesbian Mothers Describe Their Own Lives' is a division of a much larger study carried out by a team of researchers at Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law. These researchers have followed families in which children are brought up by two mothers, instead of a father and a mother for the past 26 years.

Studies conducted previously on the same group saw a few teens suffering from a type of irrational hatred of homosexuality amongst their counterparts, but a healthy environment provided by the family helped them overcome the problems.