Fisker Automotive Eases Concerns Related to Karma

FiskerKarma's wheels had burned at Port Newark on October 30 and the company has this week been seen trying to control the damage. A recent report has found that the California-based luxury electric carmaker has eased concerns related to the car's high-voltage battery packs.

The battery packs were being worried for imposing a risk of fire, to which the company claims that 16 of the vehicles were not destroyed as a consequence of Karma's lithium-ion batteries. Rather, it was because of salt residue, which brought about a short circuit in a car's low-voltage control module.

Representatives of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have also witnessed the inspection results. The group had last year checked Chevrolet's Volt, since their battery packs had also caught fire after crash tests.

As per Anaheim-based Fisker Automotive's statement, the superstorm Sandy that recently occurred in New York caused the cars to be submerged in seawater. And their immersing up to 8 feet for a couple of hours caused them to carry salt residue.

"There is potential for delayed fire with damaged lithium-ion batteries, but it does not believe that electric vehicles pose more risk of post-crash fires than gasoline-powered vehicles", the NHTSA was quoted as affirming.