Sprint Updating Software for Galaxy Note II Users

Galaxy-Note-II.Galaxy Note II was launched recently and an updated version of software, allowing users to view multi windows, has been issued. It is believed that the updated software will be warmly welcomed by the users as it would allow them to use and run two applications at the same time.

The information about the updated software was issued through Sprint's forum. Besides allowing the users to run and view two applications, the updated feature would also include GPS lock setting for the administrators.

The update would also allow the users to have an audible text notification when the phone is busy on call. Another updated feature would include access to e-mails even when the user is not in the coverage area of network.

Following the news of the updated features, Apple has decided to file a lawsuit against Samsung. The lawsuit will be filed in the US District Court in Northern California. Apple has said that Samsung and Google have violated the patent rights of Apple in their Galaxy Note 10.1 and Jelly Bean, respectively. Apple and Samsung had been in dispute over patent violation, previously as well.