Media Boosting Wrong Health Attitudes in Women: Study

Media Boosting Wrong Health Attitudes in Women: StudyA team of researchers at the University of Durham has discovered a bizarre, but obvious, fact that people are highly influenced by famous personalities and models when it comes to their diet or size or looks.

The study carried out by the team recently has hinted clearly that thinness of models encourages women to become thin, even if their body does not allow so. Also, skinniness is believed to be a sign of good health as well as high status in the Western culture.

More than 100 women were recruited for the study, all of whom were shown pictures of different models. It was found that the images, showing large-sized models, changed tested women's idea about thinness and they were less interested to become slim.

However, when they were shown the images of slender models, they seemed highly excited to grow thin and look beautiful and attractive. It is therefore being concluded that media is playing a vial role in boosting women to adopt unhealthy attitudes towards their health.

Some cautionary images warning of anorexia risks were also increasing women's preferences for thinness. "Our findings certainly indicate that showing more 'normal' models could potentially reduce women's obsession for thinness", affirmed lead author Dr. Lynda Boothroyd.